Emlyn Perry never expected she’d be demon hunting in the most notoriously haunted house in Savannah, Georgia. Before her mother died, Emlyn was an average teenager, preparing for her senior year with her best friend and boyfriend.

After discovering a secret Emlyn’s parents kept hidden for 17 years, Emlyn embarks on a journey to embrace a lineage of Celtic magic but soon realizes a life of witchcraft comes with consequences.

As soon as she accepts her powers, Emlyn becomes the target of the Ainbertach Coven, a powerful organization of dark witches with roots dating to early 1300 Ireland. The coven’s goal is abolishing all white magic, and initiation for new members is eliminating a light witch of true Irish decent.

To win, Emlyn must master the power of past, present, and future with the help of a local magic shop owner and the new boy at school, but can Emlyn fight someone she’s already fallen for?


This YA speculative fiction novel incorporates a fresh viewpoint on contemporary magic. It incorporates a coming-of-age theme with  a modern magic twist. 







Behind the Magic

Timeless was the brainchild of my 14-year-old self. It was one of many manuscripts inspired by influences in my life. Between Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, and R. L. Stine's Fear Street Series, I was obsessed with the supernatural. It was no wonder my books all had magical twists. 

This particular manuscript received more time than any other attempt, reaching a whopping 120(ish) pages in a Word document. I’d read each chapter out loud to my best friend, Jessica, and she—gracefully—accepted the blunders of my freshman grammar. Like many projects in high school, though, Timeless fell to the back-burner. 

It wasn’t until I’d graduated from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and started my second stint with a Birmingham community newspaper, I dragged out my old manuscript. The nostalgia of the story I'd created soon became obsession once again. 

I completely picked apart my former writings, but, while every line is now different, the story is the same. Each character—from Emlyn to Blaine to Marjorie—has life and personality. Many  have taken on traits of those closest to me. Other characters, like Jeb and the fluffy grey tabby cat, are blatantly based on my own fur kids. 

It took me the better part of two years to finish Timeless. I thoroughly researched every geographical location and segment of history mentioned in the story. The spells performed in the books are based on real beliefs and elements of modern day magic. I couldn’t be prouder of the world I was able to create, based in my very favorite location: Savannah, Georgia. 


I am in love with every aspect of this book, especially the elements behind the story. Whether it becomes one of your favorite books to read or one you enjoy for a day, I hope you find as much pleasure in reading it as I found writing it. Much love, and blessed be. 

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